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How Botox, Filler, Anti Wrinkle Injections and Facial Rejuvenation Can Help You Get a More Youthful Look

Many women are trying to achieve a more youthful appearance. As you age, your skin loses collagen, elasticity and begins to develop skin spots and wrinkles. All of this can take its toll on your facial skin and you can start to look your age, or worse, look even older. At Dermatology Solutions, we offer different techniques and procedures that can help you to create a more youthful look in your face. Here are some of the top procedures we offer and how they can improve your overall look.




Botox is a filler that is most commonly used to remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from your forehead, around your eyes and near your lip area. There are other fillers that are available, but Botox is one of the most well-known and delivers long-lasting and reliable results. If you have wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes or around your lips that you are hoping to reduce the appearance of or eliminate all together, Botox may be a great option for getting rid of these existing wrinkles and fine lines.


Anti Wrinkle Injections


Anti wrinkle injections are composed of fillers and muscle relaxers. By relaxing the muscles in the face, you are able to release some of the tension that is causing some of the wrinkles you see. By then filling in the skin, you are able to tighten and plump the area back up, helping the skin to be taught against the skin, and wrinkle-free once again. Anti wrinkle injections can be created using different fillers, including Botox. The filler that is used in your anti wrinkle injection will vary based on your desired results and the part of the face that is being treated.


Facial Rejuvenation


Facial rejuvenation is a technique that is often referred to as a non-surgical face lift. The goal of the rejuvenation treatment is to tighten up your skin, which helps to decrease the sagging of skin around the neck area, reduce the appearance of bags under the eye, reduce fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face and help to plump up and tighten up your facial skin. Facial rejuvenation often consists of different types of skin care treatments as well as the use of fillers and injections to alter the appearance of your overall face and make you look younger.




The final technique that is useful when you are trying to get a more youthful appearance is a filler product. Different types of filler products can be used on the face in various areas to help transform the look of your face. Fillers can be used to treat wrinkles and reduce their appearance. Fillers are often used to create fullness and volume in the cheek area, helping to make the cheeks more prominent and full. Lastly, people often use filler material to plump up their lips and to give them more volume or to alter their shape and appearance.


Botox, filler, anti wrinkle injections and facial rejuvenation are all techniques that are offered by us here at Dermatology Solutions. Each of these techniques has their own benefits, and each option can change up the look of your face in a different way. If you are trying to look younger, schedule a consultation with us. We can help you determine what techniques you may most benefit from in order to achieve the results you are after when it comes to the appearance of your face. Call us now to schedule your appointment.

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