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Signs You Need to Visit a Skin Doctor Near Me for Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the most common reasons why you may need to visit a skin doctor near me and is one of the most common reasons for visits for skin care for children. However, many people often find themselves wondering if their acne, or their child's acne, is bad enough to see a skin care doctor for, or whether they should continue an acne treatment regimen on their own without visiting a doctor. Here are a few of the key signs that you should visit a skin doctor near me for acne treatment.


The Acne is Not Getting Better With Over-the-Counter Treatments


Prior to visiting a skin doctor for acne treatment, you will want to treat the acne using over-the-counter products. Use various products for about four to six weeks at a time. If you have tried three or more products with different main ingredients, and you have not noticed a difference in your skin while using any of those products, you will want to see a doctor. They have access to stronger treatments and prescription medications that can help to clear your acne up.


The Acne is Negatively Affecting Your Life


Another sign that you should visit a skin doctor near me for acne treatment is that acne is negatively affecting your life. Acne can cause you to have low self esteem or feel bad about yourself. If your acne is so bad that you are constantly ashamed about your face or have negative thoughts about your appearance due to the acne, it is time to see a professional. They can work to improve your skin and your self esteem at the same time.


The Acne is Leaving Behind Scars


The final sign that you need to see a doctor for acne is that your acne is leaving behind scars or spots where the acne was present. Scars are much harder to remove compared to working to prevent the acne, and thus prevent the scarring, in the first place. If your acne is so deep or large that it is leaving behind scarring or discoloration on your face, you need medical help.


At Dermatology Solutions, we know that acne can negatively impact your life or your teens life. This is why we offer skin care for children and adults that includes acne treatment. Acne is completely treatable, and it should be professionally treated when you are unable to manage it on your own due to the scars and skin imperfections that acne can leave behind. When you need a skin doctor near me, you can depend on us. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and leave acne behind.

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